Social networking…love/hate relationship

Social networking.
Well, there’s a big topic to cover! A good friend of mine posted several days ago that he’s leaving Facebook. Just like that, he’s disappearing and he listed some very valid reasons why on his blog…which I rebuted.
3 or 4 days ago, I really couldn’t imagine deleting my Facebook account. Now I’m not entirely there yet, but I’m closer. This morning, I removed those FB “friends” from my account that I accepted because we had mutual friends, or we knew each other for 10 minutes at a meeting in 2002, or you lived next door to my sister-in-law when she was a kid. We all have those friends on our social networking site; people we don’t even know.
I’ve reconnected with some amazing people from my past and I’ve been contacted via Facebook by the most unlikely people who have become true blessings but the sad truth is this ~ I allowed this thing to occupy too much time.
I honestly don’t care about Farmville or Mafia Wars. I’m not inspired by posts that are written to demean people in your lives who have hurt you, or responses to that post that fan the flames of bitterness. In fact, I’m just blown away by those kinds of things. This all leads me to wonder why I keep logging in and why I take time from doing something productive to sift through the garbage in order to find those really great status updates that allow me to see what’s going on with my friend today. Is she in need of encouragement? Is she waiting to see the results of her exam or waiting on a baby to be born? It’s those posts that keep me there. Because I really do care about a lot of the people I’m friends with on Facebook and I don’t have your phone numbers and emails; we don’t correspond in that way ~ our friendship is only through snippets of information once a day.
Thank you, Roy, for giving me something to think about. I think Facebook and I might have to break the ties that bind us in the very near future. I really hope those friends I love will understand and follow me here to In Search of Peace.

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