The Beach

A month from today, I’ll be at the beach. I’ll visit the beach before then, like this weekend in Key West, but in March I’ll be staying for a whole week. I can’t seem to make room in my head for anything else. For me, living near the beach is just the greatest blessing…it’s a pretty good thing my husband was a Navy guy and not an Army guy. The Navy has some really nice bases near~ you guessed it. Water.
During the few years we were in a place not in close proximity to the beach, we really missed it. Until you’ve just sat in the sand and watched a sunrise, a sunset, kids making sandcastles or couples walking hand in hand…well, there’s just nothing like it. There is real peace there.
So next month, my family will be reunited at a beach cottage and we’ll spend most of the week just working on our tans and doing a lot of nothing. We will, in all likelihood, end up playing lots of cards and doing a lot of laughing. We’ll grill out and we’ll go to new restaurants. We’ll walk our dogs. My husband and I will unplug from the daily grind; my daughter and I will share girl talk. My son will come mid week and it won’t be completely right until he gets there.
And just knowing this is all coming in a few short weeks is enough to put a smile on my face. It warms my heart and reaffirms my sense that all is right in the world.

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