Serving with your co-workers

Working at a church is so much different than I ever thought it would be. Actually, it still astounds me that I work at a church, honestly. How that came to be is a story in and of itself ~ God, of course, orchestrated the whole process from the beginning seed planted in my head through today. He certainly surprised me! But that story can be told another time….
Today, our Sr. Pastor and the entire staff along with interns (over 40 strong) carpooled to America’s 2nd Harvest Food Bank to serve the community together. 2nd Harvest is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization! Our responsibilities were varied; some sorted through perishable items, some sorted and boxed donations from huge retail stores, and some simply discarded items not deemed usable. Our church is, of course, invested in many local outreach programs and we have a committed group of volunteers who serve at this particular non-profit organization monthly or more. I would venture to say that everyone on staff here serves in one or more ministry on a regular basis; it’s part of our culture.
What made today different was that we collectively joined together during the workday, as a staff, and did something that will affect our community. It wasn’t about a particular religion or faith; it was about doing something to help people who are hungry. Hungry.
Let that resonate with you a little bit.
And they are right here in our neighborhoods.

When we do things as a staff like this; whether it’s serving together or going to a strawberry farm or the beach for a picnic (yes, we really have!), we’re fostering a sense of family. That’s what makes working here, with some of the best people I know, different than I expected. Having worked in various fields during my adult life, from special education teachers assistant to insurance underwriting to managing a family practice, there has been no place like Grace Family Church in “practicing what they preach”…yes, slight pun intended.

Can you even begin to imagine if small offices and businesses around your town found a place to serve their community together despite productivity loss at the office? Over 40 people spent 2 hours assisting America’s 2nd Harvest this morning and it was…dare I say fun?

I’m proud of our Executive Pastors and the decisions they make to not only make sure we’re aware of our community needs but also our family needs. And just to prove that they really know the importance of family, our Sr. Pastor served the staff lunch and sent us home for the day. How awesome is that?

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