You know that little voice…?

I found myself in a very strange situation today. Now if you’ve never recognized the voice of God, you’re not going to really grasp this. In fact, you may even make a decision to not read any further blogs from me because you think I’ve lost my mind. I really hope that’s not the case, though!
For the sake of argument, let’s assume you’ve heard from God (or at least you think it was Him!). In most of my conversations with God, I do all of the talking… when He speaks to me, and it’s infrequent, it’s something really important and I need to tune in, listen and obey. Obeying is so much easier when you’re in agreement, though, isn’t it??
No amount of reluctance or confusion on my part was warranted. I trust Him, pure and simple. However, I couldn’t comprehend the whys and why-nots (in fact, that’s generally the case), but I listened to the prompting. Today, I admit to battling with Him a little and, was there ever any doubt?… He was right, of course.

It’s particularly formidable when He is directing us to do something “out of our box”. And, man oh man, have I been out of my box the last couple of years. Stttrrrreeetttccchhhiiinnggg is all I’ve BEEN doing! Today, though, He wanted me to admit something to strangers that I don’t really discuss with anyone.

I resisted and thought “I MUST be misinterpreting what He expects from me!I won’t do it. Doesn’t He know how Me? How and who I am??”

Yes, Amy, God knows exactly who you are. He knows it all.

He loves me in spite of my mistakes and He loves you in spite of yours, too. Having that awareness of redemption is invaluable to me… which is why I found myself consenting to His will today. Despite my best attempt at not divulging, I disclosed. Then I waited for the backlash, the embarrassment, the regret.

No regret came. Instead, support and blessings. HUGE blessings.

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