Friend Request~ Accept or Ignore

One of my Facebook friends posted a status today that said

becoming friends with people on FB is so much easier than really BEING a friend to the people God’s placed in our lives.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this over the last month or so. It’s certainly true that accepting a friend doesn’t obligate or promise us true friendship…but the potential is there and I’ll give you great examples in just a minute!
There are a million opinions on this social networking subject ~one of my friends gave up FB altogether, one limits her FB to close friends and family, others I know have nearly 1000 FB friends. Facebook is powerful!
This morning, in fact, W read an article about FB rants being used in our courts of law. Think twice about rambling about your soon-to-be ex spouse or how much you dislike the responsibilities of raising a child. You may need to defend those words during a divorce or custody proceeding! I’ve actually experienced a couple of these “friends” who post in this way and I have promptly deleted them. Sorry about that.
No, I’m really not sorry. My FB is less cluttered without your bitterness. Anyway, back to the subject at hand…

We all approach these social networking sites with different perspectives. Here is my personal experience with Facebook.

There are women I knew back in high school (and some not well, even then!) that inspire me daily. They’ll pick me up after a rough day, they’ll congratulate me when something cool happens in my life. They make me regret that I missed how fantastic they were long ago.
There are former squadron buddies of W’s. Awesome men who have awesome wives. One such wife made mention of her blog on Facebook and when I casually checked it out one day, I was hooked. Her challenges, her heart, her faith just jumped from the entries. Thus, my blog was born. Thank you for that inspiration, my friend.
There was also a stranger who located me via FB and delicately informed me that I have a nephew I had no knowledge of prior to that day. That stranger is not a stranger anymore; she’s mom to an awesome 12 year old boy that is part of my family.
There was a friend who pleaded for prayer one morning because her sister and brother in law were lost at sea, somewhere off the coast of Florida, after a plane accident. My husband got her on the phone, made contact with the right people in the Coast Guard and, after hours and carefully preparing her for the worst, was able to later deliver the miraculous and blessed news that her family members had been found and rescued.
There is my friend that I knew only through going bar-hopping the summer after high school. We had only AquaNet and miniskirts in common then. Now? She is nothing short of amazing; wow, have she and I come a long way!
There is my sister who knows me better through this blog (and likewise!)~ we’re in contact more now than ever before.
For me, these are people who God placed in my life for a reason and they are authentic friendships.
I’m not ready to bail on Facebook just yet. What friendships might come my way in 2010? I am eternally thankful for having been able to establish new relationships with old acquaintances and friends…and all of this because I accepted or initiated a friend request.

2 Replies to “Friend Request~ Accept or Ignore”

  1. I have spent hours this morning reading through all your blogs, starting with your most recent and going back. This blog stopped me, raised goosebumps and brought me back in a flash, to that early morning in October when I wrote on fb asking for everyone’s prayers for my sister and her husband. I am so very thankful, for so many things, but in particular, for you and W! God knew…
    Thank you dear friend, again.

    1. That was quite a day, Michelle…W has been a part of many search and rescue efforts that didn’t end quite as happily. Words cannot express how much it meant to us to be able to deliver such blessed news to you ~ who knows what the power of prayer accomplished!
      It’s my honor to be your authentic friend…on FB and otherwise!

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