After a solid week of fighting off my frequent winter visitor, bronchitis, I was feeling sick of being sick this morning. A very strong intervention was necessary because I felt myself slipping into yet another day of self pity (pathetic, I know).
So I battled it out, and armed with Dayquil and bottled water, headed to Bed Bath and Beyond. How have I missed this place? It’s sheer eutopia, my friends. It’s like DSW is for shoes…if you can’t find it there, you can’t find it.
My intention was to spruce up my mismatched bedroom. Since I’ve spent so much time in there this week, I started really noticing that the curtains don’t match the comforter, the pillowcases clash with the area rug, the …well, I could go on and on.
My trip to BB&B was successful and with a quick trip next door to Ross, my shopping was complete. Loaded with curtain rods, curtains, a comforter, beach towels (well, yeah, I got a little diverted from my intentions), wall hangings and candles, I set off for home to get started!
Women love to rearrange furniture and have new house stuff. It must be what working on a car is for men…though I absolutely don’t understand how having grease under your fingernails compares to beautifying a room. Men are so odd.
What should have taken a couple of hours ended up taking several with frequent juice breaks but the end result was something I can live with. It’s warmer and more thoughtful and it’s a room I can now have bronchitis in while still being comfortable. 🙂

I can tell you with confidence that though I am still coughing and looking forward to that little plastic cup of flavored Nyquil in about 30 minutes, I am so looking forward to slipping under the sheets and glancing around the room that is now coordinated and fresh. I’m such a girl.

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