Every day, literally, I have to take my emotions captive. From very long ago to very recently, emotions ruled the day. I couldn’t just be upset, I had to be frantic. I couldn’t be mad, I had to be enraged.
I could go on and on but you get the idea ~ not good.
Those emotions would get me in trouble, too. I could unleash a pretty good string of insults (which I later regretted) or could shut people out with silence that was deafening (also later regretted).
So where did all of this lack of emotional control come from? Well, another day for that blog… but I’m reminded this morning that no matter what other people do, however other people behave, however their words or actions hurt or insult or disappoint ~ I will focus on maintaining emotional control.
I will remember that God deals with all of that and it’s not my job. I will let it go; whatever it is.

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