Daily Forecast

Today is forecast to be a perfect beach day. Not too hot, not too breezy; just perfect.
Wouldn’t life be different if we could get up every day and know a workday forecast or a family relationship forecast? Just think how many bad decisions would be avoided if we got an early warning that our interpersonal relationship forecast was “volatile with an 80% chance of meltdown”.
I’m really glad God didn’t design it that way. Every morning is a new opportunity full of possibilities, awaiting our actions and reactions. We are meant to take part in whatever comes our way and our simplest responses have the ability to create positivity or negativity in our own lives and those lives around us.
You and I have the ability to make someone happy.
We have the ability to squash someones dreams.
We have the ability to encourage and discourage.
We have the ability to make someone feel ashamed.
We have the ability to change the course of someones life.
We have the ability to show compassion and acceptance.

We don’t need a forecast ~ we need purpose every single day. Simply put, we must resolve to do better every day..to be more Christ like. Daunting and unattainable?….He knows our hearts; knows our struggles; knows our history. He doesn’t expect perfection.

To me, it’s almost intimidating to realize I yield that much influence every day. We ALL do.
I’m going to create my own forecast today. I’m going to resolve to be kinder, gentler, more thoughtful, more appreciative, and more accepting. If thunderstorms approach, I’m going to prepare and ride the storm out. If sunny skies prevail, I’m going to be thankful.

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