My children

I had an amazing week with both of my children. During our time away at the beach, each moment with them was precious and beautiful.Thinking of them can bring tears to my eyes ~ until you’re a mom, that kind of love doesn’t seem possible.
Devon is bright and opinionated and passionate. She’s fun loving and agreeable; easily smiling …that smile that has always brightened up a room. She’s also sensitive and needs a lot of reassurance ~ she has a lot of me in her where her feelings are concerned.  She’s a planner and an organizer. She’s going to make a wonderful mom someday; a wonderful teacher, too.
Nick is laid back and sweet natured…and ridiculously smart. My absolutele favorite thing about him is that he treats people with kindness. It takes a lot to provoke him. He is considerate to his girlfriend and holds the door open for women he doesn’t know. He doesn’t interfere, he’s just there to help if you need him. He’s a good friend. He’s going to have a great career; be a great husband.
They have evolved…just as we all do.
I don’t write these things because I’m gloating ~ these accomplishments don’t belong to me. My children were a gift…are a gift that I am not worthy of. No matter what happens in my lifetime, my sincere gratitude for their places in my heart is something I will never be able to articulate. Thank you, God, for allowing me the pleasure of raising them and thank you for this last week with them.

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  1. You are wrong, sis, you do deserve them, and the reason they are so great is because of you and W. Enjoy what you planted and grew, that it turned our wonderful….You did deserve them. Enjoy them always!!!!

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