Don't worry, be happy

Good morning Friday…good bye to worry.
I like to read and this week hasn’t given me the opportunity to really dive into anything other than a blurb here or there. The funny thing is that the blurbs that “accidentally” caught my attention were all of the things I needed to see. Coincidences are really something that I struggle with; it’s my strong feeling that coincidences are really ordained..and that means, to me, even the unfortunate coincidences.
In the midst of extreme anxiety over a couple of situations going on around me, I read about worry being the thoughts of the unbeliever. Since I am firm in my believer status, I questioned why I couldn’t push worry out of my thoughts. The more I tried, the less successful I was and that, my friends, is the enemy at work.
This particular sentence, of all things I’ve read this week, stood out from the rest.

Essentially when we worry it’s like telling the Lord that we don’t believe in His power and ability to think, reason and plan out whatever situation with which we are worried.

Whoa!! I definitely didn’t mean to do that!
It is in my nature to worry..about all of the things that worry many people. Children, health, friends, finances, etc. etc. etc. but I can take the burden of the preoccupation with things beyond my control completely captive. I can be motivated by positive concern and leave out the  distress. I can do this because I am commanded to do this; worry is not for the believer.
Thank you, Bobby McFerrin…this brought a smile to my face!


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