Why wait?

Wow, the blogging ideas are coming at me from all angles today!
First and foremost, my girl Joyce Meyer came through again today with some words that spoke to my heart ~ and ignited my passions that have been dormant recently.
The question is this…What are you waiting for?

Each day is a gift. Heard that before? Sure, we all have. But today is a gift ~ not just any day. Today.

One of the saddest things in life, I think, is to have regret.
Not being the mother or father you should have been
Not being the spouse you should have been
Staying in a bad relationship for far too long
Leaving a good relationship that just needed attention
Not seeking out God

We have today. Today is the day that can change everything.
I have a close friend who has been meaning to get to church for months…maybe years. One thing or another keeps her from going week after week and that is, I believe, a fear of letting go of her current life. Incidentally, a life that is disjointed and unfulfilling the majority of the time.   The current life she leads is constant and predictable and, often, fun. There’s probably a fear of the fun being sucked out of her life if she is convicted to start choosing a different path.
Yes, that life of bad decisions, hangovers and regrets. That IS a tough choice.  (Okay, I’m being insensitive.)

God responded to me the second I accepted Him. He accepted me where I was right at that moment ~ He did not ask me to fix my issues, repair my mistakes or make restitution first.  He gladly took me in and we worked on all of the ugliness together…we are still working on it. When I fall back into a pattern (just did that last week), he forgives me and reminds me that I still have TODAY and I shouldn’t waste a second of that gift. Listen to this…

it’s no longer a burden to please Him. It’s a burden to my soul when I don’t please Him.

So if you’ve been thinking of changing something in your life, why wait? If you’ve been thinking of checking out a church, why wait? If you’ve been thinking that life is short and time is valuable, you are right. And today could be the day that changes everything. God bless!

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