Can we talk?
I know there are many of my friends and family who love themselves some tv programs! “Lost” and “24” come to mind as shows that have an enormous following…those followers are the confused looking people you see in the hallways at work ~ but I digress.
There is real value in television. We subscribe to expanded cable and use our OnDemand movie channel a lot. Love it~ no late fees at Blockbuster for me. If I had a dime for every late fee assessed to me by Blockbuster in the 90’s ~ but I digress.
I don’t know if it’s because the kids have left the house or the programs are less interesting or time is more valuable or a combination of all, but W and I spend relatively little time watching television anymore (unless it’s football season but there I go digressing again).  🙂
Evem the morning news programs are fodder for the tabloid issues. Why, Matt Lauer, are you interviewing the woman who handed Britney Spears the razor to shave her head? Ugh…it’s all become very superficial. If you look really hard, you may find a tidbit of world news that will affect your grandchildren’s lives. Sadly, society would rather watch Paris Hilton or some Disney channel star emerge from a nightclub so that we can shake our heads in condemnation until we tune in for their next faux pas.
Yesterday, I read that the creator of the show “Cheaters” has struck a deal with 2 less than savory women who happened to have recently slept with Tiger and Jesse. No, their names are not Elin and Sandra.
The premise of this new program will be to catch celebrities in the act of cheating on their spouses. Nice.

Yes, we all have a choice. That is offensive to you? You turn it off. I’m asking if  that’s all we should be doing. Shouldn’t we be outraged? I am. I read this and wondered what is happening to people that this would be entertaining? Where is the Christian voice? Where is the voice of people who just don’t think exposure to vulgarity is the best direction?
The article that I read did not mention a specific network but I’m going to follow this travesty until a network is announced and then I’m speaking up instead of just shaking my head and turning on the Rays game.

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