The Fabulous Rockers

Saturday night marked the annual Rockers concert and it was a packed house at the India Cultural Center. If you missed the hottest ticket in town, let me bring you up to speed on who the Rockers are.

The Rockers originated back in the late 50’s (yes, that’s right….roughly 55-60 years ago) and the band members were a group a high schoolers who eventually became lawyers, teachers, surgeons and professional musicians. Among the original members is my father-in-law who is a talented hodge podge of sax and flute playing, percussion, singing and jokester.

Before the members attended college or began families, they traveled to NYC and played at The Peppermint Lounge and found great local success which is why this annual event still sells out. People remember The Rockers. People want to be transported back to a time when gathering to hear your classmates on a Saturday night while hanging out with all of your friends was the cleanest fun in town.  Though I wasn’t there in the early days, my guess is that not much has changed. The crowd still chooses their outfits and who is sitting at their reserved tables with care and attention. They work the room like pro’s, catching up with people they knew in their childhoods, meeting children of high school acquaintances…and their grandchildren, too! They’re dancing and eating and chatting and complaining that their feet hurt and then dancing some more. The dance floor is forever crowded and the nostalgia is always overflowing.

This year was special to W. He got to sit in with the band for a song and play congas…my talented husband is a frustrated musician at heart and this opportunity brought back a familiar gleam to his eye ~ the same look he used to get before he’d jump in the cockpit. We (his mom, our friends) anxiously waited for the song in the second set and I poised myself right next to the stage like a lovesick groupie so I could snap away at history.

Looking serious but having a GREAT time
There we go...NOW we're smiling!

I don’t want to brag or anything but he sounded pretty awesome…and looked good, too!  🙂

Though I’m sure W would like an encore performance next year, you never know how things like that will work out, so it was a real treat to watch!

Like father, like son
Our Family at the end of a long night

So The Fabulous Rockers concert 2010 is in the books and it was another success. Congrats to the band members who pulled it all together one more time…see you in 2011.


4 Replies to “The Fabulous Rockers”

  1. Amy:
    Thank you so much for your acknowledgement of our band, The Fabulous Rockers. It is a labor of love that we take on each year to enable our fans to go back in time to a place where responsibilities were few and music,good friends and fun were plentiful. Our pleasure is not only in providing the music, but seeing everyone in the audience enjoy and reunite with each other.
    Donna Lynn
    (“girl vocalist”:)

  2. Hi “Girl Vocalist”!
    We had a great time on Saturday and it looked like all of you did, too. Thank you for a wonderful event.

  3. Amy, Your comments were spot-on !! We had a blast and so did the crowd..hopefully we will all be here next year to do it again Thank you for a beautiful description of a beautiful event…..Dennis, the piano player.

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