Wow… the weekend is taking its toll today.  I constantly struggle with the real need to leave our weekends unplanned while also wanting to take advantage of that time to do fun things. It’s become an internal battle that I think I’m losing. Yep, definitely losing.

I hereby wave my white flag of surrender.

Since I’ve actually written about this necessity for “down time” before and I continue to do so today ~ one can surmise that my ability to say no is lackluster. So having just completed a lovely, action packed weekend and feeling the effects on yet another Tuesday afternoon, I am resolved. I am convinced that one should return to the work week refreshed; not depleted.

So here it is and anyone who reads this gets to be an accountability partner in my effort.  Through July (we all have to start with a short term goal, after all!), I intend to not make any plans that are just clogging up my schedule. W and I tend to find ourselves looking at the calendar and wondering how we’re going to negotiate the logistics which kind of defeats my grandiose idea regarding the the actual benefit and purpose of a weekend.

Renew and restore. Renew and restore. Renew and restore……..not run around like a crazy person and collapse into bed on Sunday night.  The priorities are once again returning to a place of imbalance ~ one should not be faced with the decision whether to pray or sleep. I have, on more than one occasion, actually attempted that horizontal type prayer with pillow securely under my head only to awaken hours later, wondering if I actually even started. Just a guess but I think God would prefer our conversations take place with clarity and purpose.

This intentional clearing of our schedule is going to return us to a place of focus and we might even complete the many tasks we’ve discussed over the last few months. The shelving project in the garage; the paint in the guest room and the landscaping all await our attention. Is that renewing and restoring? I think my husband would find it so.

I surrender.

I feel better already.


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