How was your weekend?

Last week, I made a vow to keep the weekend calendar clear from clutter through June…or did I say July? In any case, weekend numero uno is in the books and instead of sun and fun, there was a LOT of sun and work.  W and our next door neighbor (incidentally, not the neighbor who lovingly dumps dog poop in my yard) worked two straight days installing a french drain in our side yard. I was unfamiliar with that term but I will say this: impressive work, men,  and you saved us a tidy some of money for which I will find another use, rest assured. Vet visits, laundry, grocery shopping, and car washing all had a part in this weekend, too!

There were some nice moments intermingled with the chores, though. Takeout sushi with Nick, his girlfriend and other good friend on Friday. Hanging out with our nephew, Jack, and the family on Saturday night. Attending church yesterday and hearing an amazing message ~ one I needed to hear at the exact moment I heard it.

The goal of this weekend was to renew and refresh our spirit. The goal was achieved and even surpassed ~ God came through in brilliant, vibrant colors as usual. I was reminded that my life is full of abundant blessings but all too often, I look and see what needs to be changed and mentally plot how I can begin modifying. Self induced stress at its best.  🙁

This has become more of a challenge for me as the years have gone by; I have less tolerance for bad behavior and damaging lifestyles and weakened integrity. Less tolerance in my own behavior and in others, as well. I believe very strongly that the message of this weekend is for me to relax…those things will take care of themselves. It’s okay for me to just take care of my little corner of the world and not worry about the big picture. In fact, my little corner of the world is where it all begins.

Not quite a vacation but definitely a good weekend.

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