4th of July

A very impromptu event has brought my family together in the mountains of Tennessee this 4th of July. Selfishly, I am opening blinds and looking at another beautifully sunny day and being thankful we canceled our weekend trip to St. Pete Beach…sorry, guys, the weather radar looks dismal there.

My daughter and son-in-law traveled from Ohio and we picked up my son and his girlfriend near the Georgia state line since they drove over from FSU so we could all hang out for a few days together. For a mom, there is absolutely nothing that comes close to the happiness of watching your family reunited and genuinely having a great time.

This morning, as everyone sleeps in, tired from the white water rafting trip yesterday and eating too much for dinner last night, I’m thankful for a 4th of July spent in this cabin with those I love. The six of us up playing board games and trying to keep our 4 (collectively) dogs corralled and content, grilling steaks and eating too much junk food, eating pancakes at one of the 7000 “Flapjack” restaurants, browsing trinkets in tourist trap shops…all of it. I treasure all of it.

Today will be our last day here and we’ll all travel home tomorrow but everyone is in agreement that Christmas is around the corner and we need to make sure to start making reservations for somewhere…anywhere….that includes the family getting together and just loving on each other.

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  1. The weather was horrible, but we made the best of it at the beach on our family vaca. U already know this….
    I just wanted to share and agree with u that family is so important.

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