White Fire

White Fire is our new motorcycle. Yep….a motorcycle. I can hardly believe it myself.

I can actually hear some readers cheering and others booing. Suffice it to say, we understand the risks of driving a bike while auto drivers are texting and applying make-up. Nearly every day, I see at least one driver that makes me question the sanity of the DMV. Really?  That lady going 40 on the interstate earned the right to maneuver an 8,000 pound machine? And the man who is about 20 years post retirement age who took up 2 parking spots at the grocery store because he can’t see the spaces anymore? Yes, there’s a definite risk involved.

So we’re being proactive and doing all we can to be defensive and prepared. W took his motorcycle instruction class months before we even bought the bike. He has researched the top rated helmets (thank you for protecting my nugget, honey) and the highly touted outer wear. I assure you, we will not be the crazy couple driving down the road in flip flops and tank tops. Instead, I will be in the safe (albeit, very stylish) jacket and boots.

I gave in. He has wanted one for years and I gave in because…well, because we’re in our mid 40’s and we’re responsible and it’s something cool and different. It’s part of being in a different season of life. We spent years and years consumed with weekend youth sports and bleachers and coaching and keeping score and transporting kids and washing uniforms and Ace bandages and now we want to hop on a motorcycle and cruise to the beach. Sounds reasonable to me.

This motorcycle thing is very new to me. I’m still learning to lean into the curves and relax the muscles in my thighs (I’ve realized that if I don’t make a conscience effort to loosen up, I’m like Frankenstein on the back of this thing). Currently, I’m easily the most nervous passenger on a a motorcycle known to man. W gently reminds me that when I’m tense, I tend to make his job a little more difficult….guess that actually applies to many areas of our lives but I digress.

So, although I understand those well meaning friends and family who look at us like a deer in the headlights when we mention our new bike, please know this wasn’t a decision made on a whim. My husband is a planner and a patient researcher…. this was a long process and we respect the responsibility and liability associated with taking this Suzuki M109 out on the open road. She has been named and welcomed into our family. She is here to stay, I suspect.

White Fire
I will never, ever drive this....ever

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  1. Kev has had a bike most of his life. Very good rider. I even rode with him! I’m terrified of bikes. This was bk (before kids)… Then i convinced him to sell it because it didn’t want him to risk his life do to others recklessness.

    I occasionally ask him if he ever misses it and wants another… he always says no.

    I wonder….
    I wish……
    I’m a scaredy cat…. I put it in God’s hands and I pray…
    I will continue to pray. Be safe, have fun, and there is no way u would ever look like Frankenstein!!!!
    Take care…..

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