I fell off the wagon

One of the most esoteric things I’ve ever done as an adult is become a vegetarian. It amused me that so many people assumed it was a newly discovered “tree hugging” phase or that I had become a radical animal lover in line for the PETA Woman of the Year. Sorry to disappoint; it was a decision mainly made for two reasons and neither one was very politically minded.  Firstly, my mothers side of the family has rampant heart disease and less consumption of red meat might give me an advantage. Secondly, I really don’t like meat all that much.    

So I dove head first into books on how to begin because I literally had no clue. I made some delicious recipes and I ate some hideous veggie burgers. I ate LOTS of pasta and gained a pound or two before coming to the realization that no meat doesn’t equate to only carbs. I was a girl in need of some adjustments!

I realized that eating fish was a must for me because when I go more than a week without sushi, I actually get a little jittery. It ain’t pretty. So with far more research, I discovered I actually wanted to be “pescatarian” which are people who abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh except for fish. Okay, NOW I know what I am so that made ordering and preparing food a lot easier!!

I had never felt better than when I followed this lifestyle. Healthier in all ways…and then I got bronchitis, had a mad and uncontrollable desire for meat and the rest is history. Like a heroin addict, I didn’t cheat just a little. Nope, I was in the crack house without any money ~ pitiful and hopelessly defeated. One bite of steak led to a slice of pepperoni and the next thing you know I’m making runs to 5 Guys.

Tonight I had a few bites of chicken parmigiana for dinner and decided the wagon was passing by and I need to jump back on. With so many things uncontrollable in our lives, it seems rather dumb to not take the reins of the little things I can do to improve how I feel.

Yes, it’s a little inconvenient at times (but not as often as you’d think). Yes, I missed a hamburger now and again (but sushi tends to fill that gap quite nicely). Yes, I felt some pressure to conform, like when W makes homemade meatballs (but french bread dipped into some sauce on the side? Mmmmm. Meatballs forgotten.)

I’m staging my own intervention.                                                                             Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a Pescatarian.

3 Replies to “I fell off the wagon”

  1. We all fall…
    don’t b 2 hard on your self.
    I crave red meat, I enjoy all the food groups. Carbs pasta/ breads / sauces r my favorite. 1 helping i bloat 10 lbs. So we all have our personal challenges.
    I’m sure your personal intervention will b well balanced, as is your life and heart and your faith… Take care my best to W….

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