OMG, my BFF is so SOL

If this title got your attention, you probably want the down and dirty on my best friend who is in trouble of some kind. Who wouldn’t??

OR the title completely lost you and you want to see if the whole blog is in some kind of hallucinogenic code.

My friend Suzanne remarked on Facebook yesterday that when someone writes LMAO as a response, she always thinks to herself  “Man, it wasn’t THAT funny!”. I do the exact same thing. Usually, when I write LOL, I wasn’t literally laughing out loud but I probably DID smile. Is there an acronym for just smiling? Why, yes, there are! Several, in fact.

AAS – Alive and Smiling

SETE – Smiling Ear to Ear

or how about this one….

GTM – Giggling to Myself

Jeez….did you know people actually used to write ~ like with a pen and paper! ~ their thoughts to someone else? Or they’d pick up a telephone and chat? Now that we have so many ways to communicate, we can keep in touch with so many more people than EVER before in history, but it’s a tad superficial. Is that ok? Small snippets of acronym banter?

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I’m not really a phone person. Text me and you’ll get an immediate response. Calling me might delay things just a tad…. so I really do get the need for quick forms of communication because how rude is it to sit across from someone at dinner and talk on the phone when you can just text G2G TTYL? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is all pretty ridiculous.

Stick with me, I have a radical thought!!!  What if we just put away our electronic devices (airline lingo for you) and focused on one thing at a time? If I’m having dinner, the phone is off. If I miss you and want to hear your voice, I actually CALL you instead of texting MUSM WYCM.  Lost you? That’s understandable…it means “Miss you so much. Will you call me?”

How about a little genuine interaction, people?



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