Blowing out more candles…

My father-in-law turned 70 this weekend. When the family came by yesterday for some celebratory dinner, he remarked that he spent his birthday playing music (his lifelong career), hanging out with friends and enjoying the open bar 🙂   He had a really good time on a pretty monumental milestone.  We usually celebrate his and W’s birthday at the same time since they’re both in late July and it’s heartwarming to see both of them enjoying the stage of life that they’re in. In fact, W said just last night that raising our kids was fantastic but now that we’ve launched 2 amazing adults into the world, we may be coming up on the coolest time of our lives.

W and his Dad

W’s grandmother was here, too. She turned 90 a few months ago and can beat most of us at a game of cards, remembers details from her days in Ybor City that are astounding and is the first in line for post dinner dessert. I literally know 40 year olds who don’t have as much going on as she does.

Na and Wally

Age…it’s something I sort of always assumed I’d be resistant to dealing with but as time marches on, I realize I’m really okay with it. Every year, I grow as a person (not the waistline, thank you Jesus!) but in my understanding of myself and those around me. I look at the pictures and genuinely think we’re all looking pretty darn good considering the wear and tear of life.  What was all the fuss about turning 30? And 40?

Alan and Dory were here, too. This is 50 years old? I’ll take it. I have no problem with 50 if this is the norm.

Middle Age Cool 🙂

W made a bet with his co-workers that his mom would get on our motorcycle for a ride.  Turns out this youthful woman in her late 60’s not only rose to the occasion but had a great time, jumping off the bike at the end of her neighborhood ride squealing like an 8 year old on Christmas morning!

Yvonne ready for her inaugural ride

The point is this. Age truly is a number. I used to think that was a lie older people said to make themselves feel better but the truth is this…how do you feel? And if you feel older than you are (like I did a few years ago), ask yourself what’s weighing you down. What changes can you make to enjoy life at whatever stage you’re in? Get this….we can make those changes. We can enjoy life well into our 90’s and beyond…which means I’m less than halfway there!

So, Devon and Nick…yes, college is tough. Pinching pennies is tough as a newly married couple (and not so newly married couple)…but it’s all part of the ride. It’s the stones we jump on to get across the river bed ~ slippery and risky though it is.  Remember to enjoy the small moments and celebrate the monumental milestones. Be proud of whatever age, whatever season of life.  Blow out the candles with enthusiasm and expectation!

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