Express delivery doesn't mean 72 hours

When I say that that the weekend began a little rough, please feel free to translate that to dismal. Alarming. Frustrating. Annoying. Infuriating. When the clock struck 3pm on Friday and my day was sputtering toward complete disaster, I did what any rational person would do. I went home and climbed into bed for a nap.

Now I know the power of a good nap. The kind of nap that when you wake up, your head is cleared and the laundry pile doesn’t seem quite as overwhelming and the bills have been paid. Those particular naps are few and far between but, thankfully, I was blessed with one on Friday afternoon.  In fact I awoke feeling giddy that after a 48 hour search for my sons original birth certificate and social security card needed for a mandatory (and dreaded) DMV visit, all had been recovered and sent off in an overpriced overnight UPS envelope earlier that day.  I had destroyed my house looking for what was ultimately found exactly where they  belonged and the first place I had looked but the point is, they had been found and I had released responsibility to the brown company who insured its safe delivery.

All remained blissful until that one package in the midst of thousands exacty like it was lost somewhere in Albany, GA after making a trek from Tampa to Kentucky (??) and then to Albany where the status remained “In transit to Tallahassee” for approximately 24 hours. Albany and Tallahassee are about 70 miles apart so I kind of knew we had a big problem on our hands…original birth certificate and original social security card lost on I-10….great. I pictured Nick’s identity being stolen before he even had a chance to establish his own.

Yesterday, the brown company informed Nick he’d have his envelope this morning. I’m holding my breath but I’m encouraged and I’ll be about $49 richer after they reimburse me the cost of overnighting with a guaranteed delivery of noon on Saturday. In this sue happy country we live in, do you think I’d have a shot at being awarded punitive damages for my pain and suffering?

Other than that, the weekend was amazing. W and I rode for hours each day on our new obsession, White Fire, and went to a beautiful wedding Saturday night. We went to a cafe in Dade City of all places and ate octopus in Tarpon Springs. We watched a lot of Rays beating a lot of Yankees, we congratulated my son on landing a job in Tallahassee where the jobs are scarce for college kids, we got a picture texted to us of our daughter at a Cincinnati Reds game, we watched Wally really thrive with his new obedience training and we even stood on the driveway last night watching some amazing lightning that was like a sporadic floodlight over the entire sky with distant rumbling afterward. We climbed into bed while the thunder was increasing outside and the dogs were snoring inside.

Kids okay? Check.

Okay, then, I’m checking out for a good nights sleep…..which I did.

And this morning I’m back on the UPS tracking site, remaining hopeful. Will a 3pm nap be in my future again today? We shall see.


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