Spread some joy

The best things happening in my life right now are happening to other people.

I have several friends who are giving me sneak peaks into their lives and sharing their stories; big and small. Usually through Facebook inbox messages because distance separates us but sometimes there is an actual face to face conversation in the hallway at work and I can visually see and share in someones breakthrough. Blame it on the economy. Blame it on the declining spirituality of our society. Blame it on the oil spills, hurricanes, Wall Street or the fact that Friday Night Lights is ending its season tonight….there has been a slump in good news over the past year or so. People, in general, have had a tough time. But this week, even in the midst of difficult personal situations, some of my friends have had victories and their victories encourage and touch me.

In an unceremonious and cruel turn of events a long time ago, my friend was emotionally abandoned by her husband who had led quite the double life on business trips. Today, she has a walk through on a condo she bought for herself and there is an excitement that’s palpable through her written word. He told her she’d never amount to anything and here she is. Her first home. I’m so proud of her!

I have another friend who believes in someone so much that she’s forgetting who she is. She has literally forfeited her own happiness at the expense of someone who doesn’t even recognize happiness, let alone embrace it. She has the kind of joy, despite her circumstances, that can only come from God. I watch her remain positive and be the kind of mom we should all aspire to be. This week, she took back what has been taken from her, though. This week, through her tears, she remained resolute that God wants better for her and sometimes letting go is the best thing we can do for someone. Her faith that it will all work out inspires me.

I have another friend that is watching her fathers health decline and she is swimming around in the guilt that will consume most of us one day ~ unable to care for him, he is in assisted living. She visits him and reads to him and lets him know that he is not alone; he is loved. She does everything in her power to keep his dignity in tact and offer him compassion and care. She supports her mother through this arduous trial and still laughs easily. She is  a strong woman who has lost a personal relationship with Christ through church hurts so she’s going to try out a new church this weekend. When we are weak, You are strong Lord. I love that she recognizes there is strength in that realization.

Another friend has a daughter who recently announced an unplanned pregnancy. Distraught over the news because of the less than ideal situation the daughter is involved in, my friend cried with me one afternoon. The kind of tears you shed over the loss of how you picture things will be. A short time after our visit, she announced the news on Facebook and there was joy in her message. Despite her concerns and misgivings, she sees the bright promise of a new baby in this world. The silver lining. Maybe the catalyst for a better future.

I feel like spreading some joy today because of those who share joy with me.  

The best things happening in my life right now are happening to other people. How awesome is that!

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  1. Amy,

    Your blog is such a daily inspiration to me and I am blessed to have your friendship. You are so caring and loving and it comes through in your writing, thank you for sharing in my joy. We have been through so much together, you have always been there for me and I feel the best is yet to come.

    I will say a prayer for your friends and ask God to give them peace and understanding with everything they are going through.

    As always my love to you and the family.

    You are the best. :o)

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