If you happen to need a shoulder…

Hello Blog, I’ve missed you! My plan was to write tomorrow morning because my bed is beckoning but then a video crossed my path and motivated me to delay sleep for just a bit.

I’ve just returned from an insightful planning retreat with a Pastor and my fellow directors that report directly to him in our various areas of ministry. Suffice it to say that I am humbled to be part of their team ~ their commitment and dedication is outmatched only by their ideas and vision. Being quite new to the area of ministry that I find myself in, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the responsibility of my job. Although I am personally not going to stand in the way of God knocking on the heart of a new Christian or seeker ~ He is persistent and will find ways to be heard, I need to facilitate what happens after the knock is heard and the heart is opened. I need to be one of many who support, encourage and connect people in a community. If I come up short, I can taint what God is trying to work in that person and I feel the burden that goes along with that. Never more than today despite the encouragement I’ve been blessed with.

And then I came across a video that reminded me that the burden should be lifted. Burdens happen when there is no support; no shoulder to lean on.. and that is simply not the case. I have a plethora of support. I am not an island and I have reinforcement.

Everyone has something in their life that from time to time swallows up their courage and confidence. Marital problems, children issues, teenage angst, college applications, unemployment, disconnected relationships, deadlines…whatever the issue…but we aren’t really alone. I watched this video and felt the burden fall away so I hope and pray it does the same for you.

Good night friends. Be blessed!

2 Replies to “If you happen to need a shoulder…”

  1. Amy,
    That video was amazing! Thanks for sharing…I’m passing it on to others who need it!

    You are such a blessing to me!

  2. Things work in such a crazy way…this morning, in my inbox from Godtube, was this video. I came across it yesterday via a friend. Loved it.

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