I'm not a runner

BUT I aspire to be one!   Like most of my ideas, they begin as little seeds and over time (sometimes a blink of an eye, sometimes a decade) they grow. This little idea about running probably started back when I was an aerobics class fanatic and that was a long, long time ago. Over the years, it would come and go. Last week, it came and stayed.

Wouldn’t you know it ~ God decided to it was a great day to put an ad on my Facebook page that advertised a “Become a Runner” class. I clicked to the page, expecting that “Become a Runner” really meant “Become a BETTER Runner” and that any such class would not apply to me. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that was not the case so I dropped the running coach an email and explained that I have not, literally, ran an entire mile since 8th grade and that I hated it~ really hated running and really hated what the humidity did to my hair. She encouraged and understood and I signed up for the class~ first day for me was this past Monday after work. Strike while the iron is hot!

As ridiculous as this sounds, I am different this Friday than I was on Monday. For the first time ever, sweating while being in this oppressive Florida heat isn’t repulsive. I woke up this morning and thought of all the things I need to do to prepare for a heavy work weekend and then a little voice in my head said something pretty clearly (and believe me, this isn’t the voice that usually speaks in my head!). This voice said “Better get started with a power walk before anything else”.

So Miranda Lambert and Linkin Park urged me through a very brisk 50 minute walk through my neighborhood and I came back a sweaty mess. Loved it. I have my eye set on a 5k for early November and not only am I going to participate, I hope and pray that I only need to stop a couple of times before the finish line. To some, a small feat. To me, it will be like climbing Mt. Everest.

This whole idea of living outside of my comfort zone is no longer scary~ in just 5 days! I’m not in competition with anyone but me but I don’t mind telling you that I want to kick my butt!  🙂

http://www.runtampa.com/ Thanks, Debbie, you’re awesome!

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  1. Loved it, Amy! That should be everyone’s mantra, “I’m gonna kick my butt!” That’s the ideal way to look at it. It’s about you, your goals, an no one else’s. Welcome to running and to the other side of your comfort zone. I am so looking forward to the shared excitement of the weeks ahead and that first 5k! Woohoo!

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