The Windy City~Day 2

As I said before, our hotel room was on the 33rd floor and we slept with the sliding glass door open about 6″  just so we could sleep with cool breezes and the sounds of the city below. I’m not sure I’d want to sleep every night with sirens and taxi horns but loved, loved it for a weekend. So when we woke up on Saturday and somewhat lazily slipped out from beneath the most wonderful down comforter I’ve ever slept under, I pulled back the curtains and let the day begin. Day 2.

Equipped with a plan, we left the hotel in search of a restaurant W had located in his handy “Around Me” iPhone app (priceless in Chicago, by the way). Unfortunately, when we got there the line was too long so we settled for Einstein Bagels in the hotel across the street. Lo and behold, the Gators and Seminoles were being telecast via ESPNU and our plans had to be amended in order to find an Irish Pub that would, hopefully, have a higher quality tv.  We landed at an awesome spot called D4 and the manager was happy to find the Gators for W (Seminoles were harder to find but that wasn’t much of a game anyway).  W began by ordering a “Black Velvet” and was exuberant that he could catch some of the game before we would officially begin sightseeing.

Ready for Gator Game!

Fortunately, even as the game progressed and the days of Tim Tebow seemed even further away, W’s spirit was not dampened! We chatted with some Alabama folks (who tried to comfort W during a disappointing UF appearance) and even asked an Ohio State student to take our picture which he did reluctantly. We had a great time at D4 and even returned on Sunday.

Heading in to D4. Thanks, Ohio State Dude!

The weather was even better than on Friday and downtown continued to just WOW us. The architecture is intricate and classic ~ just beautiful to look at.

Just one of many impressive buildings

After walking a couple of miles, we found ourselves back at Millennium Park where they have this enormous fountain and it has random people displayed ~ very odd but very cool.

Still around the fountains...
Fountain at Millennium Park

Finally, we walked another mile or two (you really lose count ~ my biggest regret is not carrying a pedometer with me!) to Grant Park for some more jazz. I can think of little else I would have asked for on Saturday. Here we are, on a blanket in a park, listening to live jazz and the sun is just beginning to make a descent from high in the sky to just behind the trees. Glorious. Truly.

Catching some fusion jazz before the headline act
Watching Steve Cole ~ gifted saxophonist.

If you aren’t really grasping how much we enjoyed this city by now, I need to make it clearer. Go. Make plans to see it in the spring or fall. Even my trip to France years ago pales in comparison. New York City did not even come close. Sorry, Yanks.

So as Steve Cole finished his set and we headed back to our hotel, I was already beginning to feel that sadness that happens when you have only one day left of an extraordinary visit.

More tomorrow….be blessed!


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