Maybe a move?

I’m actually considering spending a little money and having my blog designed by a professional! I ‘m also toying with the idea of making it private so that you’ll need my permission to view because it’s a little scary being out in the big world unprotected! Will you still follow me??

I really have grown to love writing out my thoughts and hearing from you guys via a note here or on Facebook. I feel like it makes us all a little more “connected”.

4 Replies to “Maybe a move?”

  1. Hmmmmmm very interesting….you really need a professional? You do an amazing job, can’t you make it private on this site? have people sign up to read it? Also just consider you may be helping people you don’t even know… it’s not like you give out exact information about yourself… I just know you bless so many. But it’s your call girl…know I will always follow you! : )

    1. I totally agree with Deb. You never know who is reading and being helped by your message. I will definitely follow you.

  2. You guys are awesome…yes, I can make it private here on WordPress but I’ve asked an amazingly gifted friend to design something that is just mine now that I’m committed to maintaining a blog. I’m so limited with the templates and Kyle has been given carte blanche to create something uniquely my own. I’m looking forward to seeing the new and improved.
    I’ll accept any friend to view who wants to ~ I’m just trying to limit the whole wide world from peeking in. Once we have it up and running, I invite anyone to share it with their friends if they’d like. Thanks for encouraging me….as always. 🙂

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