A Quarter Mile

I didn’t really consider myself completely sedentary, though my opinion is now changed. Last night, at my running group, I did the unthinkable. I did what I could not have imagined doing just a few short weeks ago. The group jogged/walked roughly 3+ miles which is our typical session but (can I get a drumroll, please?) we were instructed to jog a quarter mile without the respite that I know and love. A whole .25 mile jog without stopping for oxygen? How could I? How would I?

It is worth noting that I participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk a few years back (2004, I think) and kicked that walk in the butt. Up and down hilly terrain with my right knee wrapped by the end of Day 2, Vioxx in hand to relieve the pain (I worked at a doctors office and man, did that hook up really come in handy!), my walking buddy and I made it our mission to speed walk all 60 miles. Yes, we even got a little perturbed whenever someone had the audacity to pass us on our hike through metro DC.

I could do that walk again this weekend. It was long and arduous but I’m a pretty determined walker.

Jogging is a different animal altogether. Think night/day, black/white, stop/go, painfree/torture. So we’re clear? Jogging is not even close to walking. So back to the hysterical moment when our coach, Debbie, instructed us to jog to the end of the path where I could barely make out the people in the remote distance.  My running group gazed with me to the far ends of the earth but they seemed pretty eager while I was resistant. Thoughts raced through my mind; memories of deep dish pizza in Chicago, cheesy grits in Tallahassee, and chorizo in Tampa. My dietary guidelines had been compromised and my lack of consistent training were now going to reveal themselves…ugh.

Well, I had it coming. Two women, the coach with a sense of humor, and myself began the jaunt to the finish line (which was actually a pink, chalked zig zag line that was similar to the pearly gates in how welcoming it was). By sheer prodding, I somehow made it. This feat has not happened since 8th grade PE class with Coach Muller and, believe me, I’m not kidding.

Yes, I realize that the 5k at the beginning on November is like 13 of those all strung together but I don’t care. I’m getting there…it’s a process.

.25 mile jog. One day I will laugh about this.      

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