Fall is here!…kinda

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for since May. That day when you wake up, open the door to get the newspaper or take the dogs outside, and there is the realization that you can actually stroll to the end of the driveway without sweat beads cropping up on your nose.

I wasted no time turning off the air conditioning that has got be tired from the summer’s demands, opening up the french doors that lead to the lanai and settling in to my favorite patio chair. I will admit that it wasn’t actually cool outside. It was far more “comfortable” than it was cool but you have to start somewhere. Fall is right around the corner…I can almost taste the sweet reward that is the payoff for enduring August in Florida. From now through spring, Florida will be the belle of the ball.

It was a fantastic day for a motorcycle ride and after not getting to be a passenger for the last couple of weeks, I was ready to get out there. With blue skies and blue gulf water to match, it really was the perfect ride. (Well, aside from waiting 45 minutes for our salads at Courtside Grille and getting grouper bites instead of the gator nuggets we asked for at Palm Pavilion. Our restaurant mojo didn’t have an A+ day, to say the least.)

On the bright side of our restaurant fiasco, we were able to watch FSU put a hurt on Virginia so it wasn’t a complete waste of time! šŸ™‚

We should be so lucky as to get a weekend like this ever so often. Sipping coffee outdoors with a dog laying at your feet, riding a motorcycle down the beach under clear skies and catching some good college football. Oops, W is currently watching the Gators get romped so I’m sure he’s not feeling the “good football” reference. Even so, it sure beats a day of sweltering heat, no football and no beach.

Be blessed!

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