Investigate the Barista

Panic was pretty much the first thing that occurred to me this morning when I peeled my eyes open at 5:25am. I have a 3pm appointment to give my Senior Pastor an overview of my church visit from last week in North Carolina so you would think it might be that causing me to be in a frenzy. Nope, not even close.

My very first thought this morning was “I can’t believe I forgot to take my contacts out again!” but immediately following that was “No way. I forgot to buy coffee yesterday.” Generally speaking, when I’m out of Starbucks whole beans, I always have the backup Bustelo cuban coffee and can shift gears pretty easily. That was not the case today. No Starbucks beans. No Bustelo. No way.

Remember that I peeled my eyes open at 5:25 ~ by 5:45am, I was back in my front door with 3 Venti coffees. And oh, by the way, venti? What happened to just saying large, fancy-pants-Starbucks? And here’s a little trivia for those of you who care…venti means twenty and the hot drinks at Starbucks are 20 ounces. Okay, super clever. The cold drinks are 24 ounces, though, and they’re still called venti. Not altogether clever….but I love my Starbucks so I’m going to overlook it.  Wow…see what I’m like before I finish my coffee in the morning?

My enslavement to Starbucks coffee (no, Dunkin Donuts isn’t better) has got to be because these barista’s are drug dealers. They must be lacing my coffee with something to get me into my car with absolutely zero thought that I’m in pajamas before the sun has even thought about waking up! What else could do that?

It sure isn’t the thought of doing my jog/walk thing this morning BUT once this drug kicks in, I’m going.

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  1. hmmmm…Dunkin Donuts coffee for me! To me Starbucks is like eating the coffee grounds! No matter what we choose, having coffee seems like a staple in life. I am trying to survive this week with no morning coffee and no adult beverage at night to make up for eating crappy all weekend for my anniversary. All I can say is $&#@!*

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