Something in the Air

What is it about a change of seasons that just lifts us up? The first morning that you step outside in the fall when there’s that subtle coolness or that morning in the springtime when the air feels warm and the promise of summer is on the horizon. There’s just something in the air that speaks of change.  

We love change. We love New Years because we’re offered a blank slate and all of the burdens and mistakes of the previous year are somehow erased simply by virtue of it being a brand new year to work with. Just last night in my small group, someone mentioned a particular year earlier this decade and how it was a miserable one for them, personally. Immediately, women around the table chimed in…”2003? Horrible year. 2002 was worse but 2004 was great!”, etc….there you have it. 365 days all wrapped into one.

We love change and the promises and possibilities of something different.

The interesting thing to me is that we sometimes wait for change to just happen instead of making the change ourselves. Ever speak to someone who wants to lose weight so they’re going to begin dieting two weeks from now on a Monday?  A couple who have committed to spending more time focused on their marriage just as soon as the kids graduate from high school? Maybe as soon as the kids go to kindergarten? Better yet, what about the person who admits they need to get back to church but can’t seem to find the time?

I guess I’m just wondering why we sit and wait for things instead of making changes within our control NOW. We only have NOW…our tomorrows aren’t promised.

Take a moment today to just think about that one thing in your life that needs a change; a new beginning. It might be something as simple as your temper or your procrastination or exercising or praying. Now take it one step further and start to work on the change ~ it’s another few months until January, after all!

Be blessed!

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