For those of you who read my blog who don’t know of Ezra, I urge you to click on the following link and read this summary of what has been going on in his little 2 year old life before you continue reading my words.


Kyle (Ezra’s dad) used to work at the same church I work at and when I first met him, I was in the Accounting department. He and his wife dropped by my office to pick up a check or something and I just remember thinking they were so cute together; enjoying a mundane trip to the church Accounting office. They were witty and sweet~ the kind of people that cause you to think to yourself  “I really need to get to know these two better.” Unfortunately, our paths didn’t really cross very often.

Then, one day, a friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of Kyle’s little boy (yet undiagnosed and just a perfect little picture of health) on a grocery store shelf. Yes, you read that right. Kyle had placed Ezra among paper towel and snapped a shot of him ~ it was hysterical. Again, that feeling of “This family is adorable.”

And then Ezra was diagnosed with this nasty childhood cancer and tragic, unspeakable events happened in the Matthews home. Heartbreaking things that can cause you to question your faith.

Ezra has taken a turn for the worse. His treatment has been cancelled because of his decline and his parents are searching the world over (literally) for this drug that will most likely be available only in Mexico, Argentina or Germany.

W and I keep up with what’s going on through the posts and all of our mutual friends and I’ve gotten to know Kyle through the design of this blog ~ without him, there wouldn’t be an amygutierrez.com   But I haven’t met Ezra in person yet and I feel like hundreds upon hundreds of other people ~ I need to.  I need to meet this little boy who has occupied a spot in my heart for these many months.  I need for his parents to have more quality time with him. I need for Charley to be able to play with Ezra like two rambunctious little boys are supposed to.

SO I am pleading. Join us in prayer. There is unbelievable power in prayer and this is all that you and I can do right now. Even though it’s all we can do; we know it can be enough. Have a blessed day.

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