Wasting Time with Tweets

When I first heard the idea of Twitter (a couple of years ago maybe?), I thought it was pretty dumb. So I’m supposed to log in to this site and retrieve short, one-liner updates from the people I follow? That’s it?  Well, this is what it looks like….

  • I’m at a baseball game ~ the hotdogs are great
  • My cat is sick.  🙁
  • I hate Mondays but Friday is coming soon!
  • When is this rain going to stop? SO over it.

Oh, my personal favorite is when everything is abbreviated because what they want to write is SO important but it’s over the character limit ….

  • I wnt 2 store 2day 2 buy 12 lb turky but shld have gotten 16 lbs bc this 1 isnt big enuf

Alas, I joined the Twitter ranks but it went largely ignored unless I wanted to tweet a picture of something. When I actually would log in, there were no less than 50 daily updates about traffic and another 50 updates from someone who just feels the need to tweet every single move they make.  I’m sorry, it’s just too trivial for me. I just don’t need to know that much about you…no one does, actually.  🙂

I know over 100 million people like it and that’s awesome. Really. But just as I outgrew “Run, Jane, run”, I have outgrown snippets of largely useless fodder.  The infrequent useful info that I gathered from Twitter is still available via different means so it’s really a win/win situation for me!

As soon as I felt the deliverance associated with hitting that “deactivate” button today, I started to wonder what other time-suckers I could eliminate from my daily drill. Unfortunately, laundry, feeding the dogs, washing dishes, going to the grocery or vacuuming weren’t viable options for me but I’m working on shaving off some time somewhere. We’ll see how it goes.

Like most, I’m feeling the strain of maintaining constant connection. I’m feeling the strain of being too connected, too accessible and not stingy enough with my evenings.  I don’t even remember what it’s like to be unavailable. Can anyone tell me what that looks like? Must be heavenly.

It’s not Facebook’s fault, or my iPhone’s fault or my laptop’s problem. It’s all on me. I created this and now I’m challenged with how to “un-do” it.  I don’t want to answer the phone every time it rings or answer an email the moment I hear the familiar “ding!” prompt. And I absolutely do not have to know in 140 characters or less what you’re having for dinner.

That said, you’ve now read approximately 440 words that have probably kept you from doing something vitally important. I apologize but thank you sincerely for your time…I know it’s valuable and you’ve chosen to check in here for entertainment or a laugh or a cry or to just think. I hope I delivered. Tomorrow, I may have something deeply important to say. You never know.

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