A good kind of tired

Today was the kickoff of the small group that my husband spearheaded. That’s still a little mind blowing to me~my husband is a small group leader.    Actually, I’m sure it’s more than a little mind blowing to him. When I think of what God has done in his life; in our life together..well, I’ll save that for another post.  

This small group is slightly unconventional. It is comprised of Christian motorcycle riders and instead of doing a bible study, we are riding together. In a congregation of over 5500 people, there are many who own motorcycles and I spoke with a LOT of people today who just appreciated the opportunity to cruise alongside others with like beliefs and the lack of pub crawls.

W spent a great deal of time with training classes and training rides, emails and distribution lists, promotion of the group, map routing and logo designs. He has a core group of volunteer ride leaders working with him that have been invaluable, too. Everyone has been so eager to throw out ideas and collaborate on planning ~ already, friendships are developing. I glanced around the restaurant in Tarpon Springs where the 50+ of us stopped for lunch today (thanks, Pauls Shrimp House!) and all of the tables were full of chatter and comfortable conversation. People getting to know one another and even exchanging emails and numbers. That’s fellowship at its very best.

Talk about some impressive bikes, too! Both men and women, some with passengers, some without. There were daughters and cousins and even a dog. There were sportsers, cruisers, a sidecar and a trike. Full inclusion~ love it.

Today was a great success. W and I had such a good time riding, despite the rather chilly conditions, that we came home for a 15 minute break before heading out again. I’m that really good kind of tired.. that kind of tired that leaves you snuggled up on the couch, sipping Cafe Francais and watching television programs OnDemand that you missed all week.  It’s truly a fantastic, worn out, good kind of tired.