I love surprises

Yesterday was my daughters birthday and she turned 24. I will resist the temptation to ask how that has happened, where the years have gone, etc. The fact is that she is a married, 24 year old student entering her final year in college and I am exceedingly proud of her. I am honored to be her mother.

Because she doesn’t live near me anymore (hate that), it’s a little more difficult to come up with gifts. I don’t really know what she needs anymore but she did let me know about a down filled winter coat that she liked so her dad and I took care of that for her…but it seemed a little anti-climatic. Boring even.

Then we got an idea. Tuesdays are her very long days at school and who wants to celebrate a birthday on a Tuesday anyway? Let’s do something for her birthday this weekend and let’s drop little clues all week long so the suspense builds. She loves this kind of stuff ~ probably because she’s the worst secret keeper in the world ~ it perplexes her how people can sit on a surprise for days on end.

I love gift giving. A therapist told me it’s my “love language”. Yes, a therapist. Highly recommended for all, incidentally. Anyway, I love watching someone open something I’ve picked out for them…I love it way more than actually receiving something. So although I won’t get to actually see Devon “open” her gift on Saturday, I did give her the first clue on her birthday.

  • Cancel any plans you have for Saturday evening. Get ready and be super cute, ready to leave your house by 6:15pm.

Last night at 10:30, she was still trying to get hint #2. That kid has always been relentless…she was born that way. Anyway, here’s hint #2 because you’re a faithful blog follower, Devon.

  • Expect a visit from a stranger on Saturday

I can’t wait to hear the strange guesses she will now throw out in an attempt to gain more information. I can keep a secret, I assure you. Happy Birthday Week…..hint to follow tomorrow.