Did you thank a Veteran?

So yesterday was Veteran’s Day and W had the day off. I did not so I thought he might be bored and just work around the house all day; putzing around like men do, creating chores and then blaming their wives. When I left the house to go to work, he was also getting ready to head out on the bike and get the front tire that I had suggested he buy over the summer when it was on sale. He declined at that time. (Sorry, honey, had to get that in.)

I cannot quite figure out why men get so excited by new tires but I know they do so I wasn’t surprised when he started texting me about how awesome the bike looked and how it had drastically improved the ride, etc.  Then, as fate would have it, my beloved found some tail lights he wanted to buy and picked up another part for his shifter while zorching from one store to another. For me, that’s a day of errands…..

For him, that was a perfect Veterans Day. He tinkered with his motorcycle, he cleaned out some boxes in the garage that have bothered him for quite some time and he spoke to both of his kids via text messages. This kind of stuff just puts a smile on his face and I was really glad that on his day off, he was able to do all of that “man” stuff that I just couldn’t care less about.

I’m glad your Veterans Day was spent doing the things you enjoy, W…there have been many Veterans Days, Christmas’, Easter’s and birthays spent on the other side of the world. So this warms my heart. Your sacrifices and those of so many others should be celebrated more often! To those friends who are no longer here on earth, thank you for your sacrifice, too. The ultimate sacrifice. Heroes, all of you.