My glass was half empty

Some days, everything goes right. We get up in the morning, make a pot of the best coffee ever known to man, open the newspaper to nothing but great news, go to work to discover our tasks completed and we’re ahead of schedule, come home to a gourmet dinner, our favorite movie on dvd and nothing to do but sit.

No? That never happens? Truth be told, it should take a lot less to make us happy.

I woke up yesterday morning still annoyed about something that happened on Wednesday. That’s never the right attitude to have, especially at 5:30am. It really set the tone for how my whole day turned out and, looking back, I think had I been able to squash my annoyance early in the day, I could have controlled my reactions to the endless barrage of frustrations that came my way starting at the beginning of my day to the very end.

I could have handled the bumps a lot better. This is such a hard lesson for me so God just keeps teaching and re-teaching the lessons to me and although I feel like I got a failing grade yesterday, it was more like a score of 67 written at the top of my paper instead of a big, bold 32. Yes, it was still failing but it was almost a “D”…..

It sometimes comes down to what our perspective is. My perspective yesterday was a little “out of whack”.

Last night, at small group, an older woman bravely testified to the ladies in attendance that she had never bought anything new, either for herself or for her home. Absolutely everything she owns was given to her because of her modest means. Because of that, she has mismatched furniture and even a chest of drawers without drawers. She didn’t tell us this because she was asking for anything~ she told us because she felt convicted by her embarrassment of her home. She said that she is asking for God’s help dealing with her pride because she should just be able to invite people over and not worry about her possessions. This grateful lady went on to say that someone at her table had given her a beautiful portrait to hang in her living room and it matched her sofa that had also been given to her. Her excitement about the matching items nearly brought her to tears.

And I was unhappy yesterday because of what? Wow…I don’t even remember anymore.

From 5:30 am until about 7:30pm, my glass was half empty. I couldn’t see many positives because my blinders were on. I was having a rotten no good very bad day. ¬†

My attitude is now adjusted and I realize that yesterday wasn’t actually all that bad. In fact, some really good things came out of yesterday. Some really good things. I may be the only one this has ever happened to but if your perspective is skewed this morning, adjust it. Adjust it early and be well satisfied with yourself tonight. If I had taken two seconds yesterday afternoon to just stop and breathe….to ask God to help with my attitude and my struggles…well, I could have saved myself a lot of heartache. I missed the opportunity and paid the price.

Instead of reflecting any more on that and risk losing today, I’m shifting my thoughts to be more “half full”. I’ll take that a step further, actually. My glass is overflowing.