My Girls

We need each other.

By “we”, I mean girlfriends. Interestingly, I didn’t always feel that I needed a core group of women to laugh with, to share stories with, confide in, support through crisis, lean on, laugh hysterically with, listen to, and talk to over lingering lunches. In fact, I spent a great many years feeling like women were the enemy because, so often, they were.   If you are a woman reading this, you have probably experienced the back-stabbing pain of a girlfriend once or twice in your life. When that happens a little too often, the walls can go up. My walls were made of brick and mortar.

I want to share something I have learned. They are there…women who are trustful, loyal and the people you want to call first when something funny happens. True friends who don’t listen to your heartbreak with judgment, friends who value your strengths and minimize your weakness. When you find them, you know it. When you find them, return the friendship wholly and without reservation because they are a blessing.

To my friends….thank you. I aspire to be as good a friend to you as you are to me.

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