The man upstairs (God, that is…not W roaming around in Nick’s old room) really has an issue with my temper. For that matter, so do I.

Yes, it is far better than it was in years past. Yes, there are occasions that I can hold my tongue whereas before it had an independent mind and will. Yes, I recuperate from anger quicker than I used to. However, God continually prompts me to just stop the improvement and get it together once and for all.  The beauty is this; He knows that we are all going to get angry from time to time and that’s a good thing! Anger should be our response to injustice, for instance.

But being quick-tempered out of frustration (which I am!) is altogether different and there has to be a newly discovered vehicle for my emotions. I’m not sure what that will be but I’m confident God will make it clear. He’s already making it clear to me that the agitating things of life aren’t going to magically disappear… and for each of us, there’s a different trigger point. A different catalyst that makes us shift from a safe, neutral position to overdrive. Nope, those things aren’t going away. In fact, they kind of seem to be moving closer, in my case.

I’ve been here before. I recognize it as a growth opportunity. …..  You recognize those things, too, right?  The sin you struggle with the most just keeps presenting itself over and over again? I believe that’s God just trying to prompt us to grow.

So it’s Thursday and I’m committed not to verbally express my frustration like I did yesterday. And can I just say how relieved I am that you can’t hear my thoughts because I may not succeed on ceasing the screaming going on in my head today but, hey, we all have to start somewhere. 🙂

Have a blessed Thursday!

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