Boat Parade!

This morning, it is cold in Florida. As a Floridian, we do realize it’s not “Minnesota” cold but it’s our cold and it’s real. The truth is that it assists in getting us Floridians pumped up about the Christmas season. I’ve been witness to those December 25th’s spent in short sleeves and it can be a little bit of a letdown.

Though there’s no guarantee this crisp weather will stick around through Christmas Day, I’m enjoying it while I can. Saturday evening, W and I climbed aboard our friends boat for the second consecutive year to take part in the Dana Shores Boat Parade. It was great last year in warmer temps but it was fantastic this year, bundled up in gloves, boots and hats. The view of all of the decorated boats against the amazing sunset over Tampa Bay was spectacular and the company of good friends to share that with was icing on the cake!  Thank you, Perez’s, for the invite once again~ we had a great time!!

People on their dock waving at all of the boats
Danny prepping the boat
W and Carrie
The girls...Carrie, Pat, Barbara and I

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