Promise of this Day

I’m a morning person. According to my husband, it’s just part of my circadian rhythm that I was born with. I’m a morning person; he’s not. Believe me when I say that this is just one of the endless things we do not share…opposites attract and we are living proof of that.

In the early morning hours, as the sun is coming up, I just think of the endless possibilities that a new dawn brings. For me, what seemed daunting and stressful the night before seems less so just 12 hours later. I truly believe that with each new day there is an opportunity for new beginnings. My thoughts are clearer, my attitude more positively focused, my hope renewed.

On this particular morning, I am so full of hope for Emilio Rodriguez-Martinez. He is the husband of my friend, Kacee, who is a small group leader for our Women of Grace on Thursday evenings. Emilio has been missing for about 36 hours and police feel that he may be in danger. Though I don’t know Emilio, I do know a little more about him after hearing Kacee talk about him yesterday afternoon at her home. She is, understandably, distraught. She is carrying their first born child and it’s heartbreaking to witness anyone in that position just sit and wait for news.

As I sat in her living room yesterday afternoon with many of her coworkers, friends and family, I felt helpless to really assist her in any way. Being there is about all anyone can do at this point and when Kacee asked for group prayer, I was so thankful for our friend Robin. She prayed her heart out and told Kacee that they’d pray as often as she wanted, whenever she wanted. After everyone in the house prayed together, Kacee was calmer; the peace we had asked for was clearly there.

Today, on this beautiful morning, there is promise. On every day, there is promise for resolution to so many things that worry us, bind us, and consume us. I am believing this morning on the promise of this day.

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