The bright spots

Last New Years Eve was spent at a pretty mediocre hotel party and I am pleased to announce that I did not succumb to the pressure to go out this NYE. I am contentedly sitting on a chair with a dog  beside me, watching good college football and planning a bubble bath after an FSU victory. (Yes, I will bathe even if they lose). So much is made of this one night but I’m spending it quietly. There will be no hangover tomorrow, no buyers remorse as I look at the price tag of the NYE outfit I bought at the last minute and, thankfully, no pressure to stay up past my bedtime. 🙂

Before I  bid 2010 adieu, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank some people who did some heroic things in my life this year. Saved me and lifted me up; inspired me and made me laugh. I won’t name names but don’t really need to…they’ll know.

  • “You” kept me sane and rational during the most irrational circumstances and always did so with compassion.
  • “You” sat in a room with broken people and showed Christ’s love simply because you were asked to do so.
  • “You” shared your own story and experience to give hope and encouragement.
  • “You” prayed.
  • “You” found God’s grace and humility this year; I can’t wait to see His plans for you in 2011.
  • “You” really get it when I struggle
  • “You” are a text, email or phone call away.

Spend tomorrow doing something that is going to set the precedent for 2011. Whatever that happens to be, I wish you the best. Happy New Year, friends.

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