Marital Nakedness

No, no, everyone has their clothes on…read on.

For the last several years, I’ve subscribed to daily or weekly updates from some of my favorite speakers, pastors and/or authors. They range from inspirational one liners to several paragraphs and many days, especially of late, I send them to the trash unread due to lack of time. Invariably, whenever I do that, I am plagued with the feeling that I’ve eliminated my daily opportunity to be lifted up. I’ve now decided that they will remain in my inbox waiting for my undivided attention.

One such newsletter email that I get is from by Jimmy and Karen Evans. These particular emails are never eliminated before being read because they contain some of the most solid advice and biblical guidance regarding marriage that I’ve seen. For several days, this unread email has waited for me to make time and tonight was the night. Coincidentally, it’s very similar to the message I heard delivered this morning by Creflo Dollar. Clearly, this is a message I needed to hear twice. If I needed to hear it, maybe you do as well.

Marital nakedness. I don’t know about you, but the word naked conjures up a few words for me; exposed, vulnerable and bare to name a few. Now move away from thinking “physically” naked and closer to the idea of true intimacy. Mentally vulnerable to my spouse? Emotionally vulnerable? Spiritually naked?  That’s a lot scarier for me than disrobing physically.

Consider this excerpt.

But if we can’t expose ourselves completely before our spouses, it means we are hiding something. This hidden thing is dangerous. It needs to be exposed, because God created us with a need for nakedness.

If we’re already thinking of that one thing that our spouse could never know about us, there’s the danger. We are clothed in danger instead of being in marital nakedness.  The question then becomes…is my marriage a safe place where all of my “stuff” can be laid out in an ugly pile? Where I will not be judged but embraced?

Is GOD at the center?

If not, it’s not too late. Dare to be exposed.

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