I need to take a moment to complain about the conditions of the roads around here. Around here meaning Hillsborough County, specifically.

It’s always been fairly obvious that our county widens and improves roads in a pretty untimely fashion. They wait years to improve and widen roads that are inadequate. For instance, let’s take Bruce B Downs Blvd. When is the last time someone told you to jump on BBD to make your commute quicker?   Racetrack Road? Well, there’s a lovely little road project. Maybe that road could have been widened prior to the population explosion in that area?

Trust me, when you’re on a motorcycle, it’s even worse. This county is riddled with potholes and soft shoulders and uneven pavement. Now my commute to work is going to be different because the road conditions are so terrible. Yesterday, driving home from work, I plummeted into a hole on County Line Road that had never been there before ~ and I know. Dodging the holes and horrific patch jobs on that road for 4 years has made me an expert. This hole is a result of the heavy rain on Monday, I suppose. Or maybe the pipeline construction and all of the heavy machinery that is requiring is to blame…

Traffic navigates a pothole-pocked section of Forest Lakes Boulevard west of Race Track Road on Wednesday in Oldsmar.Seriously, this is our tax dollars at work? This is the best we can do?

Yesterday, I apparently damaged my low profile tire to the extent that I need a new one…immediately. So, thank you, Public Works, for costing me money because of your failure to even keep our roads safe.

Yes, I’m pretty frustrated today.   OH…and while you’re at it, could you tell me why Malfunction Junction exists?

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