Ezra and The ROG

Hello Blog! Remember me? Yes, it’s been several days but in those days, so much has been accomplished and so much has been planned. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating ~ I work alongside some of the most talented and committed people in the world. It was a week chock full of bringing people closer to God. Prior to 5 years ago, I would never have believed what vocation God would set before me ~ it would have been unfathomable….but God knew it all along. And now He has given me yet another opportunity to do something really cool.

Those of you who have read my blog from time to time will definitely remember Ezra Matthews and his battle with neuroblastoma. Ezra fought hard against a perverse childhood cancer for most of his 800 days on earth. I want you to really think about that number. Ezra lived a total of 800 days before joining his heavenly Father and his infant brother Price. As a reader of this blog, I want you to know that Ezra and his very short life here had a worldwide impact. Please take the time to visit this site…you will be forever changed.  BecauseOfEzra.com

Around the same time that Ezra lost his battle, my husband organized and kicked off a small group at our church comprised of motorcycle riders.  This is just one of the reasons I love my church ~ there is something for everyone! Our Sr. Pastor embraced the idea (in fact, he rallied BIG time for the idea) and W dove in head first just as I knew he would. He has gathered roughly 100 riders on his roster for Riders of Grace (ROG) in a very short amount of time and these riders are ready to make a change. They are ready to make a difference in their community and in lives….thus, we are teaming up with Kyle and Robyn Matthews to raise money in the fight against this hideous pediatric cancer.

Last night, the four of us discussed the preliminary details of a motorcycle fundraiser to take place in late spring! I thought W and I were excitable until I watched Robyn, a 25 year old mommy, talk about how BecauseOfEzra is going to change the lives of future babies and toddlers. This couple’s life is dedicated to sparing the sorrow they have gone through from happening to others.

W and I are all in. Let’s do it. Let’s battle.

As details become clearer…and they will very quickly…you can stay updated through the foundation page, through this blog and through the “GFC Riders of Grace” facebook page.

We are excited to make a difference! If you’d like to be involved, too, you can find contact info at BecauseofEzra.com, by liking the ROG Facebook page .facebook.com/pages/GFC-Riders-of-Grace OR by emailing RidersofGrace@gmail.com

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