Strolling down my memory lane

I’ve been busy ~ too busy to gather my thoughts about what to even blog about! This loss of not putting words to paper lately or regularly has left me a little lopsided, having written this public “diary” for just over a year. My deepest thoughts, opinions and emotions aren’t necessarily reflected in this forum but as I perused over some of the posts, it was apparent to me what was going on in my life on the random dates of 2010.

Returning to some of the more difficult times has been therapeutic this morning. We tend to shy away from those memories but I think looking back is just as important as looking forward. In time, not only can we celebrate all that was learned from various experiences, we can take solace in knowing we plowed through it. For me, I attribute that emotional survival to God. There could be no other explanation.

Anyway, the stroll down memory lane is over for today but not before I skimmed some of my favorites. These little blurbs made me smile this morning….

Stopper Guns and Softball    10/7/2010

The Navy   2/13/2010

My children   3/14/2010

The Fabulous Rockers    5/3/2010

Easter    4/5/2010

Growing Old Together     6/3/2010

Roscoe     5/12/2010

Memory Lanes are valuable. Go out and make a great memory today ~ something small that will be momentous a year from now. Be blessed, friends!

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