Oh, say, can you remember the words?

We can now close the door on the another Super Bowl~ it’s in the books. Cheeseheads rejoice!

Interestingly, Facebook and Twitter are blowing up on remarks about the entertainment far more than the game itself, which proved to be a pretty decent game just before the half. Let’s start with Christina. Suffice it to say that I’m in awe of this girl ~ she’s got the pipes to pull off any song. However, you can’t forget an entire line of the National Anthem and be this polished professional…we expect 10 year olds to mess it up at hockey games but not you, Christina. Not only did you forget a line, you made up words for another. Can’t we have teleprompters or something? I get it~ there’s like a zillion people watching and your nerves must be a little on edge but you’re Christina Aguilera. You were singing on the Mickey Mousy Club in the early 90’s! Write on your hand, pull a Whitney Houston lip sync…but don’t mess up the lines. Just sayin’.

Christina on YouTube

Halftime. I see some people really hating on The Black Eyed Peas on the social sites. I liked them, actually. I thought they were high energy and entertaining ~ and, incidentally, I don’t think they forget their lines. Yes, there were some audio issues but this is an entire concert set up in the middle of a stadium in less than 6 minutes so I’m going to cut them some slack. I liked them. Sue me. They sure beat Paul McCartney, Enrique Iglesias and The Who…some of the worst.

I didn’t particularly miss the “cheerleaders” either. Cheering? Is that what they call that now?…..Oh, hey, the commercials were pretty witty. The E-Trade baby, the Beetle, and others. The guy licking the Dorito’s off the one guys fingers? ~ sorta creepy.

All in all, just another Super Bowl. Some fans are going to bed in their jersey, smile plastered on their face, belly full and pride intact. Others have skulked off to their bedrooms, their puffy eyes dropping tears across bbq stained tshirts and pride wounded, left to wonder how they’ll face their coworkers on Monday…trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

I had no dog in the fight so congrats to the Packers and condolences to the Steeler fans. I was just another football fan watching another game and, taking it for what it’s worth, it was a good time. Thanks, NFL. See you again in August.

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  1. Do you know I was the ONLY one in the room who noticed she messed up the words? Knowing the lyrics is a big peeve of mine… especially in church where we’re supposed to be giving our best. What does it say when I’m not prepared? I’ll give her the nerves thing for sure. I’d probably forget how to sing at all in such a high stakes environment! I’ll give her credit for continuing on flawlessly…to the point that a lot of people didn’t notice. That’s professionalism – when you can mess up and keep going like it’s nothing.
    I’m with you – the Peas were fun! And the show was lots of eye candy… the lights were great! Loved the red hearts made out of people.

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