Sadly, you know someone just like this

Today is just food for thought ~ I’d really like to hear some comments.

More often than you might realize, there are families of origin that “aren’t speaking”. Personally, and regrettably, my own relationship with my brother ended years ago. It had become inexplicably toxic and I made a decision that had been very long in coming. Anyone who seeks to bring volatility into my life no longer has a place in it. Period.

It was, and remains, rather embarrassing to admit that to people. I have a living, breathing brother whom I will not associate with…but when the subject would come up over the years, the typical response was “Oh, I have a sister like that” or “I just can’t be around any of my siblings anymore”. I started wondering if my atypical family is really the norm and, if so, why?

My guess is that we no longer have that physical closeness; we’re separated by states and countries. Today, it’s commonplace for grandchildren to live a plane ride away instead of in the next town. When we move away, we’re afforded clarity. When we come back together, the morals and standards we grew up with can seem foreign. Sadly, they can even be dysfunctional. Last year, as I sat in my parents living room while on Christmas vacation, I was astounded at the use of words that I had thought were retired around the time  Kennedy was assassinated. We live in different worlds. It isn’t anyone’s fault but it is my right to make choices.

For those of you who have this amazing, unbreakable bond with family whether they are thousands of miles away or next door, please know how blessed you are. For those of us who do not share that connection, please know you are not alone.

I’m a different person as a direct result of finally making the best decision for me. It hasn’t been easy and, I strongly suspect, it never will be. My heart has been broken but has, thankfully, been restored by the grace of God.

I'd Love to Hear Your Thoughts....