Take a Moment

It was late in the afternoon yesterday, near 4pm, and I was deep in concentration at my desk while toggling between reviewing some background checks and updating a room setup for an upcoming meeting, when W called. There was chatter on his end about odds and ends of the day and I’m confident that I missed responding when appropriate because of my continued attempt to multitask while being on the phone. Juggling to that degree takes far more skill than I have acquired. He seemed to get the drift that I was distracted, thankfully, and we ended the phone call so I could resume toggling screens and responsibilities.

What apparently happened, though, is that he (that wonderful husband of mine) then called our son and told our son to give me a call to deliver the great news of his impressive test taking skills that day. Now, I LOVE hearing from my kids…but what I couldn’t quite reason out in my head is why W would have Nick call me right then when I was so obviously swamped with work.

Because I had missed a call earlier from Nick, I answered the phone at 4:05 and heard about his test ~ great news was relayed, congrats were passed out and I started to zone out again. My eyes were on my work but Nick started talking about this video he had posted on Facebook, which I had seen, and we began to laugh about it and recall some of the funniest parts, etc.  From there, the conversation morphed into something else that made me laugh (best thing about my kids is their sense of humor) and, before I knew it, I was relaxed.

I hung up the phone after about 10 minutes and found myself 180 degrees from where I had been minutes before. His phone call was exactly what I needed….a few moments to unplug and to regroup.

I was so thankful for it that later, on my way home about 6:30, I called him to tell him what that one simple phone call had done for me and how much I appreciated talking to him and laughing. We talk every day but the timing of this call was a gift.

Don’t miss the opportunities to smile and relax during your day today. Don’t miss the opportunity to make someone else smile and relax. We all need a break now and then!

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