Sharing the Vision

Okay, I’m exhaling now. It’s been quite a couple of months ~ full of exciting ideas that have evolved to actualization. The planning has resulted in tangible programs and, wow, what a great feeling to have some things up and running.  Now, simply tweaking and adjusting.

Is there any better feeling than seeing our vision develop successfully? Well, there may be. As I was exhaling yesterday, cautiously, I was about to enter a meeting that would be all about someone else’s vision. A shared goal and motive among a couple dozen women who happen to lead groups or ministries can truly ignite some passion and God showed up mightily. No surprise there!

There are some amazing things happening at the church I am so blessed to be part of ~ visionary thinking and a healthy “let’s try it” attitude from our pastoral team. I’m feeling renewed just as I was beginning to exhale.

Here’s the bottom line…there isn’t a time to exhale and sit back when you’re on the quest to share Christ with people. There is not one moment that can be wasted, satisfied with an accomplishment, without moving on to the next item on the agenda. I was inspired by a meeting at the end of a long day and I am renewed by the certainty that the women in that room, and all whom they are in contact with, will make lofty ideas and brainstorming a true attainment.

My advice to you today is to share your vision with others ~ collaborate and sow the seeds. Nothing is too big for our God and nothing is too big for a group of dedicated Christ following women!

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