Quiet Moments

I guess a couple of weeks have come and gone since my last post! I’ve really no idea what has kept me away since so much has happened in that span of time but there is a season for all things and this must have been a small season of keeping things internal.
That happens with my blogging, I have discovered. It’s actually quite a struggle for me to share what is on my heart without sharing too much detail. Quite frankly, sometimes the experiences are acutely personal and there seems to be no way to write it down without specifics so I opt to skip it altogether.
Anyway, life hasn’t been dull.  🙂

  • I’m co-leading a group of ladies in a small group again and I love this group of women. They’re exposed and curious and seeking and full of wisdom.
  • I’m learning for the umpteenth time that not everyone who enters my life has my best interest at heart. I’m learning that it’s not only OK to release those relationships ~ it’s crucial….and don’t apologize for it.
  • I went to the Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown Band concert at Raymond James and fell in love, again, with contemporary country music.  If you haven’t tuned in to a local country station lately, try it. It’s not Grandpa’s twangy stuff anymore.
  • This is turning out to be a huge year for my kids. My daughter is graduating from college in December and my son is studying abroad in May. Both are excited by the upcoming possibilities and I am blessed by their enthusiasm and how they’ve both come to learn that life is hard work sometimes. Other times, life is pure joy. Enjoy these times; take it all in.
  • Hectic best describes my work schedule for the first quarter of the year. Hectic and exciting. Now we’re seeing the fruit of our labor and it’s so awesome to be able to measure the success of our work. If you haven’t sat back and taken inventory of the things you do and how it’s benefiting someone or something, please do. That realization will renew you and invigorate your attitude.
  • Find quiet somewhere in your day. Unplug and just be.
  • And, lastly, listen to that voice inside of you ~ that subtle voice that gently urges and then gets a little louder and a little more persistent if ignored…whatever you believe that to be ~ intuition, the Holy Spirit, your conscience ~ heed the voice.

Make this an amazing Wednesday…do something kind for someone…compliment someone who needs encouragement…pray for someone in crisis. Be the best you can be today no matter what gets it your way.


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